01. Stand by U.
02. 明日は来るから。
03. Proud.
04. 忘れないで。
05. どうして君を好きになってしまったんだろう? ♪
While stopping along the way over and over again, we’ve shared smiles and tears alike. You and I have made this journey, and that’s the only truth of which I am certain.” - 東方神起.

jessica, 18, brazil.

조규현, 김준수, 왕잭슨. ♡

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Shrines, Temples, and Markets of Asakusa : October 15 by jpeltzer on Flickr.

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by (anabela)

cuties playing with the camera

Being a fan is a tough job. You cry when they are sad, you cry when they are happy, you cry when they are injured. You get angry when something bad happens, or when they are being offended. But you also laugh when they do something stupid, you laugh when they laugh, you smile when they say that the fans are the most important thing for them. You smile just by seeing them smiling. And during times like this, when they are smiling so so so big, and crying hot happy tears you realize that everything, all the tears, the smiles and the cheers, are so worth it.

'THIS IS LOVE' 7jib special album edition 10/27 [1392x963]


These are some excerpts from the letter of Ming.

We as fans have to support at all times, he is taking a big step in your life. He found the woman he wants to spend the rest of his life.

Do not worry baby, I’ll always love and support you & I’m happy for you.♥ 


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